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                Our Contact Information:

                            Manager, Betty Locke                (951)788-5221

                            email, Betty Locke                      betty@eleganteaspect.com

                            email, Vern Locke                       vern@eleganteaspect.com


                 Our Mailing Address:

                            3744 Sunnyside Drive, Riverside CA    92506



                 Our Operators:

                            Betty Locke, Hairdresser                (951)788-5221

                            Cindy Locke, Manicurist                (951)781-3122

                            Donna Zolkiewicz, Hairdresser       (951)686-1915

                                                                email            lbdonnaz@msn.com

                            Vicki Kohrell, Hairdresser               (951)786-7752

                            Ceon Jones, Hairdresser                   (951)232-5362

                            Jeffrey Partridge, Hairdresser            (951)201-6255

                            Debbie Scott, Hairdresser                 (951)341-0788

                            Briana King, Hairdresser                   (661)600-5321




                        Where We Are Located:        3744 Sunnyside Drive, Riverside CA  92506

                                                                   (One block North of Central and Magnolia, on Sunnyside)



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