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                Elegante Aspect Salon is a large, upscale, beauty salon located in the Magnolia Center district of Riverside about 1/4 mile from the Riverside Plaza. It was opened in 1989 as a two station salon with a small gift shop carrying Kona Coffee as well as other products from the Hawaiian Islands. The first expansion added another suite and several Manicurists to the growing business; and then added more hairdressers as stations were added.

                The original owners, Fred White and Corey Parry, were living in Laguna Niguel trying to alleviate the daily drive to Riverside so they asked Betty Locke to manage Elegante Aspect for them. Betty began to handle the day-to-day business that Fred and Corey would drive to Riverside almost daily to take care of - including hiring, firing and paying the bills.

                In 1993, the owners decided to sell the salon as they were basically out of the management loop and wanted to quit having to drive to Riverside altogether. Betty Locke and her husband, Vern, made the decision to purchase Elegante Aspect and took over ownership of the small bustling salon. When ownership changed so did the name of the salon. It was changed to Elegante Aspect Salon...and gifts; anticipating the addition of a larger gift shop which within two years would account for another suite to house the new, adjoining gift shop.

                Within a year Betty and Vern had built, inside the salon, a 120 square foot gift shop which carried jewelry, plush characters, various decorator items and miscellaneous gift cards. The salon and the gift shop began to grow and soon realized it's potential as a completely full salon. With thirteen operators, both Manicurists and Hairdressers, Betty and Vern needed more room to move the gift shop into.

                 Elegante Aspect Salon...and gifts moved into an adjacent, 1500 square foot, suite exclusively for the gift shop. As the gift shop expanded they began to carry many upscale lines such as Beanie Babies, Dept. 56, Andrea by Sadek, Heritage Lace, Fitz and Floyd, Kurt S. Adler and many other name brands. All was well for the next five years and the new gift shop became very popular.

                As 1999 approached Betty and Vern were hit with devastating news which caused them to rethink the extra responsibilities of the gift shop. Vern was diagnosed with Cancer in the left esophageal wall of his throat. As it would be, Vern was the person that was handling the majority if the responsibilities in the gift shop while Betty took care of the salon responsibilities.  The decision was made that all their effort needed to be placed into Vern's treatment, which did not have a good prognosis, and the gift shop was shut down.

                Vern went through radiation and Chemotherapy and things were going well - then six months later he was diagnosed with a large tumor in one of his kidneys. The kidney was removed and now, in 2013, he is thankfully thirteen years out from his original diagnosis; which had a 15% or less survival prognosis.

                The gift shop suite was relinquished and since then Betty and Vern have successfully built Elegante Aspect Salon into a business that customers have showered with accolades and compliments since day one. Betty has gathered a friendly and compatible team of operators that get along well and take care of business with little fuss.

                         As with any salon, over the years Elegante Aspect Salon has had an occasional turnover of operators. But typically our turnover has come from operators that did not meet our higher standards. Either they did not get along with their co-workers or they did not fit well into the environment of Elegante Aspect. Over the years Betty has been particularly mind-full of our operators and how they will "fit" into the shop. Several of our operators have been with us more than ten years; and one has been with us for twenty-four years.

                 Betty and Vern invite you to come in and introduce yourself to us, or to an operator that might be able to solve a beauty problem you may have. Take a look through the operators on the "operators" page, and the services they offer. Give them a call for an appointment. 




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